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Antique French Bonnetiere Armoire Mirrored Walnut - A Restorer - OF002

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Product Description

A fabulously priced armoire for someone who doesn’t want “perfect” or can restore. (We have price accordingly). This is a beautiful bonnetiere armoire with a mirrored door. The door sticks which pulls the veneer off around the edges as shown. The left side panel is loose and just needs securing. There is a key which is not locking. It has adjustable shelves and a bottom drawer with a secret drawer under that. The mirror has ages marks. As with all mirrored bonnetieres we suggest securing to the wall as the mirrored door is heavy.

SIZE approx: 251cm high x 119cm wide x 46cm deep at top x 39cm deep at mid



Bailey and Co French Antiques, Seaford, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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