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Engraving of Ships - Antique French Petite Marine Aquatint Baugean - BK310C

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Product Description

Antique French Petite Marine Aquatint - Engraving By Baugean c1814 Brick se faisant haler hors le Port We came across some some amazing aquatint engravings at a market while we were in France. As they were all together they were most probably from an old print or book seller or collector. After researching we do believe they are quite rare & valuable There are a few maritime etchings (a set of four larger plates by Akermann which we will offer individually), and quite a few of these smaller maritime etchings which we will also list per each. There are also a set of four engravings of fish from the Voyage Autour Du Monde which will also be listed separately. This is just one of 10 different aquatint engravings and is small & highly detailed engraving by the French artist Baugean published circa 1814. Baugean's engravings are notable for their accuracy and detail. It measures approximately: Overall 33cm wide x 24.5cm high

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