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SOLD MARCH 13 - Antique French Parisian Armoire Magnificent - Brass hardware Mahogany PQ176

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Product Description

This amazing antique Parisian mahogany armoire has just arrived from France. It retains all of its original brass mounts and trims of which there are so many. Of particular beauty are the the widely bevelled and beaded brass trimmed doors, the brass laurel wreath and leaves top adornment, brass finials, and the many many areas of trim. The posts have beautiful brass adornments. Even the feet have brass caps. The condition of this antique piece is hard to fault. One door is a just little stiff but would be an easy fix. There is a replacement key in the lock to pull open the doors but this does not lock. As with all antique mirrors there are some age marks. There are two internal drawers which do not have their original locking keys and the shelving is adjustable. There is a brass plaque on the inside of one door as shown (“Maison Du Comfortable - Paris” and the original Parisian manufacturer’s paper label is still on the back of the armoire.

SIZE approx: 248cm high x 148cm wide at the top x 138cm wide at middle x 66cm deep at the top x 46.5cm deep at middle



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