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Do you have something to sell ?  

Bailey & Co import furniture from France and only very rarely purchase locally
If you have something you think we might be interested in
please do not phone, instead
use the EMAIL: Bailey & Co button below 
*please note:  due to time constraints we are not able discuss purchasing items by phone
Antique valuations
Bailey & Co are not registered valuers and do not give appraisals or recommend prices
If you are seeking a valuation please contact an antique auction house or registered valuer
 for all other inquiries please phone: 0414 830 197
or click this link to 


Bailey & Co import the majority of our items from France but on occasion we buy interesting pieces from private sellers.


If you have an item that you would like to sell please do not phone as we do not have time to discuss items individuals would like to sell, instead please fill in the contact form above and include a brief description of the item, approximate age, size, and the price you are asking. We do not offer prices, you need to tell us how much you want. Please also tell us if there are any defects, damage or missing pieces.


Bailey & Co are not registered valuers so we do not give estimates or offer prices.  If you need a valuation or a price we suggest contacting an auction house, registered valuer or researching similar items via google or ebay to see what similar items are selling for. 


Bailey & Co do not take items on consignment.  


If your item sounds like something we may be interested in purchasing we will contact you.  


Due to time constraints we are not able to go to individual's homes to view items.  If your item sounds like something we may be interested in purchasing we will send you an email address for you to send us photos so we can make a final decision.  


Please also tell us if you are able to deliver the item to us.  On occasion, we can have items collected by courier but this also affects the price we are able to pay.  If we would need to arrange a courier please tell us your suburb, if there is any one to help with loading the item at your end and if there are any stairs or any other circumstances our courier would need to know.


Unfortunately antique dealers such as Bailey & Co and auction houses are not able to pay you what your item may be worth, therefore we always suggest individuals try to sell their items themselves on ebay or gumtree to realise the best price


thank you