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For as long as Champagne wines have existed, it has been the custom to bring them to the table in ice buckets or coolers to make sure they are served at the right temperature. Experience shows that ideal serving temperature is 8-10 °C. Below that temperature the wine is too cold making aromas harder to detect. Above 10°C the wines appear "heavier" and less bright. Bailey & Co collect vintage French champagne wine buckets from around the Paris area and bring to our Australian warehouse/showroom. Moet & Chandon and Roederer French champagne wine buckets are always extremely popular and collectable, along with many other wine brands. (Well France is the champagne capital of the world). As well as being amazing gifts, champagne wine buckets bring such a wonderful element to the table. Even an alfresco table needs a French champagne wine bucket. As each of our French antiques containers are always different unfortunately sometimes champagne buckets can be few and far between.  But France isn't just famous for champagne.  We are always on the hunt for Breton Cider and Wine pitchers, bottle holders, wine presses (when we are lucky enough to find them) and other unique wine and champagne items.